Covered Trailers:

Trailer sizes listed are outside measurements of the trailer body and do NOT include the hitch or fenders. Wheel chocks for motorcycles are available upon request. Since enclosed trailers are used for multiple applications interior spotlessness cannot be guaranteed. Please protect fabric items and furniture with coverings to prevent possible damage. The enclosures are not perfectly watertight; some dust and moisture may enter through doors and interior fender edges.

Flat Deck Trailer Rental

Carhauler and Equipment Hauler Trailers have a measurement of 81 inches between the wheel wells. It

is important not to overload the trailers as this can result in axle damage and lead to more serious incidents.

Trailer Accessory Rentals

We provide trailer accessory rentals at a nominal cost to you. At Calgary Trailer Depot we have you covered.

Dump Trailer Rentals

We rent dump trailers ideal for those messy jobs like small roofing jobs and the like. Why pay someone else to do it when you can do it yourself?

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